Common Microwave Replacement Parts

Posted August 8, 2014 by CPS

One of the most common household kitchen appliances and certainly a hallmark achievement of the modern age, the microwave comes with its fair share of maintenance needs.   Some of the most common microwave replacement parts are also among the cheapest and easiest to find, especially in the CPS catalogue.

Of the many microwave replacement parts available, the following seem to be the most commonly requested from our inventory.


Most times, if the microwave oven doesn’t heat, it’s the magnetron tube that’s to blame.   The magnetron is the element that actually heats the food, using high voltage DC power to blast out a microwave frequency.  Magnetron burnout can be caused by running the machine with no food inside to absorb the radiation.  Much like a light bulb, the magnetron can’t be repaired and must be fully replaced to repair the machine.


The diode is the power behind the magnetron and powers it by converting the A/C power from the transformer to D/C in order to double the voltage for emitting microwave energy.   Sounds like rocket science but it’s a simple replacement.  You can usually see that the diode is burned out quite clearly upon inspection.  These high voltage diodes are among the most common causes of machine failure.  If it seems to be in working order, however, simply test the output with a volt-Ohm meter.  Be sure to use one with a nine volt battery.

High Voltage Capacitor

We know.  It sounds like something that powers a time machine to get you back to the future.   A high voltage capacitor in fact works in tandem with the diode to increase voltage and can burn out from overuse.  These babies are known to pack a 3,000 volt charge even after burnout and should only be tested by trained technicians.   If you believe the capacitor needs serviced, call a certified CPS technician to come take a look.

High Voltage Transformer

When the transformer fails, it will fill the whole kitchen with a burning smell indicating burnout of the internal wiring.  Another simple replacement.

Thermoprotectors and Thermal Fuses

Certain safety measure are installed in microwave ovens to protect your family from the high voltage that powers them.  These fuses and safety trips can pop like a circuit breaker and need to be reset internally.   Yes, our techs can take care of this too.

When you go to nuke that hot pocket and the microwave fails to heat, don’t let it ruin your day.  CPS stocks all the microwave replacement parts needed to get you back to the dinner table.