Kitchen Preventative Maintenance Plans in Ohio

Posted August 29, 2014 by CPS

At CPS, we’ve serviced thousands of commercial kitchens all around the state of Ohio and if there’s one thing we’ve learned in our time in business, it’s the importance of ongoing equipment maintenance and checkups.   It’s easy to forget about preventative care when we’re in the middle of the summer restaurant bustle.  As a business owner or manager, you’re most likely focused on the customers, the food, and the ongoing necessities of staff and business.   It’s easy for the oven or the refrigerator to get overlooked.

More often than not we only hear from a client when something has already broken and they’re looking for emergency repair service.  We’ve got that covered, certainly, but many times when we arrive to perform the work, it becomes apparent that a little forethought and preventative care could have avoided the breakdown.

In an industry as volatile as the restaurant and commercial cooking industry, a machine going down in the middle of a lunch or dinner rush can be crippling to the bottom line.  A part that will cost you $100 to get fixed may have just cost you $10,000 in revenue by bringing your operation to a screeching halt on a Saturday afternoon.

There’s nothing worse than regret if you could have prevented a machine breakdown.  Avoid the remorse by contacting CPS for a consultation.  Our Kitchen Preventative Maintenance plans are designed for the busy restaurateur or kitchen manager who knows the value of a healthy kitchen but doesn’t have the time or expertise to carry out a full checkup of the equipment on a routine basis.

Let us come in for an initial audit of your equipment and its conditions and we’ll recommend a service plan for the coming year.  Oftentimes, this simply includes quarterly service visits by a licensed professional CPS Technician to assess the health and quality of your kitchen equipment.  They’ll perform our version of the “tune-up” by replacing any bulbs, wires, or fan belts that could cause a disruption and catch any major repairs you’ll need before they have a chance to cause you headaches.