3 Surefire Ways Cleaning a Commercial Kitchen Can Save Cash

Posted September 22, 2014 by CPS

Fact: Buying cleaning tools is far less costly than replacing industrial kitchen appliances. And if you’re a smart and savvy restaurateur or kitchen manager, you know that cleaning your equipment is one of the easiest ways to cut down on energy costs and prevent expensive breakdowns. And don’t tell us you’re too busy to take some time to maintain your kitchen! Teach your staff how to do a routine deep clean, then leave the scheduled preventative maintenance plan to us.

These three top money-saving commercial kitchen cleaning tips will help you reduce the frequency of equipment replacement and cut down on energy output.


Freshen Up the Refrigerator

Did you know that running a commercial refrigerator can account for half your business’s energy bill? It’s true. But you can cut down on costs by cleaning your refrigerator’s condenser coils once each month. All you need is a soft bristle brush, some mild soap and a bit of water to get the job done and help keep your refrigerator from going kaput.

Save Even More: Contact a CPS service technician to ensure your commercial refrigerator fan motor is running at an efficient speed.


Scrub Down the Oven

Your commercial oven will last a lot longer and operate better when cleaned on a regular basis. In addition to daily cleans, maintaining your oven requires scrubbing down gaskets on occasion. But not all commercial ovens are created equal, so for the best cleaning instructions, be sure to consult your equipment manual.

Save Even More: Allow us to give your commercial oven a comprehensive inspection to detect any issues early before a breakdown can even begin.


Scour the Stove

If you notice that cruddy buildup is clogging your commercial stove burners, your energy bill could skyrocket due to excessive energy output. As soon as you notice this built up debris, unclog the burners using an industrial strength commercial cleaning solution. This will keep your range from using extra energy to cook food. As always, check your equipment manual to see which cleaning products are best for your stove model.

Save Even More: Extend the life of your stove by contacting one of our CFESA-certified technicians who can recommend the right preventative maintenance plan for you.


These commercial kitchen preventative maintenance tips will not only improve your business’s bottom line, but keep your kitchen healthy, sanitary and safe for your staff and customers. If you notice an issue with your commercial kitchen appliances and aren’t sure how to remedy the situation yourself, contact CPS and we will help expertly extend your kitchen equipment life and give you peace of mind.