4 Clever Uses for Commercial Blenders

Posted September 22, 2014 by CPS

These days, blenders can be used to make more than just the typical smoothie or juice. In fact, many commercial blenders contain motors so strong that they can completely pulverize even dense animal bones to a pulp. Because modern commercial blenders are so powerful, versatile and simple to use, chefs can now produce large portions of deliciously creative dishes without sacrificing a whole lot of precious time.

Add a tasty twist to your restaurant or cafeteria menu by using a commercial blender to test out these four resourceful ideas in your kitchen.


Magnificent Ice Cream Maker

Milkshakes may be a common blended dessert, but did you know that the same blender you use to mix them can also do double duty as an ice cream maker? Just add some milk, ice, sugar and flavoring to a blender to create cool, creamy treats for your customers. Whether your bakery serves sinful slices of pie a la mode, or your kitchen occasionally runs out of prepackaged ice cream, one of our commercial blenders can help you make this chilly concoction in a pinch.


Spectacular Soup Processor

Cutting board and food processor, be gone! A commercial blender is all your kitchen staff needs to produce freshly pureed, warmed soup in just minutes. High friction caused by commercial blender blades will allow you to pour out perfectly heated portions of soup in a snap. To make an easy, slurp-worthy soup, just blend whole vegetables, cooked meats and seasonings of your choice in a commercial blender to offer a flavorful, nutrient-rich dish.


Delectable Dip Producer

Everybody loves a good dip for their chips. And the perfect precision blades of a commercial blender can help your restaurant think beyond boring and bland. Instead of reaching for that microwaved nacho cheese sauce, use an industrial blender to whip up a simple, spicy guacamole, rich red pepper hummus or a garlicky walnut pesto dip by merely tossing in your ingredients of choice and pureeing until the dip reaches your desired texture.


Palatable Pastry Batter Mixer

If your commercial kitchen is without a traditional pastry mixer, rest assured you can still offer your customers buttery homemade biscuits, mouthwatering muffins and hearty breads by using a commercial blender as your mixing tool of choice. Some industrial blenders even contain a setting specifically for batter and dough. So with a push of a button, and by following your blender’s instruction manual, your kitchen staff can easily and quickly make sweet pastries, quick breads and other baked goods in no time flat.


Are you in the market for an industrial blender and ready to begin creating brilliantly blended dishes for your diners? Browse our wide array of commercial blenders and replacement parts and get started today.