Common Commercial Deep Fryer Faults and Fixes

Posted September 22, 2014 by CPS

Typical American diners love their share of deep fried foods, so if your commercial deep fryer isn’t functioning properly, patrons will head elsewhere to sink their teeth into hot and crispy fare. And what restaurant owner or kitchen manager wants that? In addition to regular fryer inspection and oil cleaning, you can reference your owner’s manual to troubleshoot and keep your deep fryer running efficiently.

This short commercial deep fryer troubleshooting guide will aid you in determining the right fixes for three most common fryer faults, plus keep your customers happy, full and coming back for more.

Fryer Fault: Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

A malfunctioning pilot light is one of the most common commercial kitchen woes and prohibits your fryer burners from heating up. The good news is there is also a fairly easy fix for the issue.

Fryer Fix: A broken thermopile is the likely cause here. Whatever you do, don’t take this matter into your own hands. Instead, allow a trained professional to help by contacting a CPS technician who can remove the defective thermopile from the pilot and replace it safely.

Fryer Fault: Burners are Burning Out

If you turn your gas deep fryer burner knobs and notice that flames aren’t igniting all around, or at all, this is likely due to clogged burner orifices.

Fryer Fix:  First, turn off the flame — you don’t want to fry your hands! Then use a wire brush to clean out lint and other debris from the burner orifices. Once they’re clean, relight the flame. If it still isn’t lighting properly, give our trained technicians a call.

Fryer Fault: Temperature Won’t Stay Controlled

Every kitchen manager knows that fryer oil must be at just the right temperature to cook fried food properly. So if fryer oil is too cool or too hot, your French fries will either come out soggy or burnt to a crisp.

Fryer Fix: Use the thermostat to check the fryer oil temperature. If it doesn’t stay set to the temperature you’d like, the thermostat may be out of calibration, its wires might be disconnected or it could need replaced entirely. You can connect the wire yourself if you find that to be the culprit, but always allow a CPS technician to professionally install a new thermostat. If this is your issue, call us today!

Even though these are the most common commercial deep fryer problems, there are others that only a trained technician can solve. If your deep fryer fault isn’t listed, rest assured you can contact us 24/7.