Cut The Fat in Your Commercial Kitchen

Posted October 11, 2014 by CPS

 Every commercial kitchen has a fat problem. Take a look around your kitchen next time you walk in. No matter where you go, and no matter what you touch, the fat problem is always there. We’re not talking about high-fat foods, or polysaturated fats that can pop-up. Instead, we’re talking about the fats that can hurt your kitchen: the buildup of oils, grease, and other fats.

Just like in a human body, letting fats build up in your kitchen can lead to catastrophic results. Over time, fat build-up in your commercial kitchen setup can lead to a number of problems, including equipment breakdowns, emergency shutdowns, and even kitchen fires. If you’re not doing so already, you need to make sure you’ve got a regular cleaning schedule to knock out the build-up of fats, oils, and grease. Here are three valuable reasons to stay on top of your cleaning and disposal schedule today.


Fat Clean-Up Can and Proper Disposal Can Prevent Sewer & Pluming Bills

Commercial kitchens create a lot of grease, oil, and fat on a daily basis. And even if you clean them out on a regular basis, you may be surprised on how much ends up going down the drain. The truth is that while cleaning is good, the drain is the wrong place for your grease to end up. When oils, fats, and grease end up in the sink, it can create sewage problems and pluming back-ups for your business – resulting in lost productivity and lost money to repairs. It’s not enough to keep items clean: it’s also vital to make sure you dispose of your fats, oil, and grease properly.


Fat Clean-Up Can Prevent Equipment Breakdowns 

Your plumbing isn’t the only thing that can get backed up by fats, oils, and grease. Grease interceptors and traps in your equipment can get clogged in a hurry if they aren’t cleaned often – resulting in broken equipment, and emergency service calls for your business. Don’t let your kitchen get backed up by fat buildup. Through a regular cleaning and service regimen, you can keep your business running in top shape, and prevent problematic breakdowns.


Fat Clean-Up Can Prevent Health and Safety Violations

It’s not just your customers that are watching your fat output. Health inspectors on “random” visits also keep a close eye on the grease and oil building up in your kitchen. And if your fats, oils, and grease are at high levels, it could mean problems for your business, including increased tests, all the way up to violations and fines. By sticking to a regular cleaning and service regimen, you can make sure your restaurant keeps high health marks, and maintains a good public safety record.


The certified technicians of CPS can help you create and maintain a cleaning and maintenance schedule that works for your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best: making great food. Contact us today to learn how we can be a partner in your commercial kitchen.