What That 48 Dollar Gasket Can Really Cost You

Posted November 20, 2014 by CPS


Imagine this. It’s 5pm on Black Friday. Your restaurant has been packed all day. It’s beginning of the dinner shift. You have 30 customers in the waiting area. There isn’t an empty table in the house. The kitchen is churning out tickets left and right. All of the staff is hustling. Your restaurant is firing on all cylinders. Everything is moving so fast and in perfect harmony. All the staff training, all the hours re-stocking, all that extra work, it’s all paying off.


Suddenly your kitchen manager comes up to you with a concerned look on her face and mumbles something about a gasket. You’re kitchen is about to grind to a halt.


It’s now 6pm on Black Friday. Your restaurant is silent. No one is waiting for a table. No one is sitting at a table. Nothing is moving. The cash register is silent.


You’re in the kitchen staring at a gasket­– a little gasket that cost 48 dollars. A gasket that is broken. A gasket that when is all said and done will cost you 2 days of down-time on the busiest weekend of the year, wages and tips for the staff with the holidays coming up, roughly $18,000 in sales lost all for the lack of a 48 dollar gasket.


The bad gasket would have been found, replaced and fixed during a routine servicing by one of our CPS technicians.


Don’t let a 48 dollar gasket cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Call CPS and schedule a kitchen preventative maintenance service today.