Restaurant Trends For 2015

Posted December 5, 2014 by CPS

2015 is nearly here! Are you ready for some of these hot new trends we are predicting?



From fast food to white tablecloth, one trend we are seeing is a focus on gourmet coffee. That cup of coffee after your meal is probably not the local grocer’s discount valued ground coffee anymore. More and more we are seeing gourmet coffee roasters partner with restaurants to serve their special blends. Whether it is Starbucks or the local beanery, we bet that cup of coffee tastes fantastic.


Locally Grown

Another popular trend we are seeing grow at exponential rates is restaurants using locally grown produce or locally raised meat in their ingredients. The Local Food Movement, which promotes locally based, self-reliant food economies, is growing in popularity among millennials and other health-conscious generations. Eating at restaurants that serve local food and ingredients helps promote the local environment, economy, and community.



A growing trend in the past year is adding technology into the restaurant experience for the guests. The technology of being able to order their meals or drinks off of tablets from their tables is here. With the incorporation of online reservations and paying with a smartphone, the dining experience is sure to be a lot more technological.


New Exciting Flavors

Gone are the days when eating out meant eating steak and potatoes with a side salad. Of course you can still have that but these days more and more chefs are experimenting with new, exciting flavors that will be sure to expand some palates. As we begin to move away from chains and towards local eateries, we are seeing new menu items and old menu items paired in ways we’ve never seen before. Whether it is inspiration from reality cooking shows or the drive to be new and interesting, we don’t care! Our taste buds are grateful!


Well there you have it. Are you ready for these trends? Better yet, is your kitchen ready?


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