Healthy Kitchen Checklist of Preventative Maintenance Steps

Posted January 14, 2015 by CPS

New Years Resolutions are commonly about improving one’s health. Why not make a resolution to improve your commercial kitchen’s health?


Our Healthy Kitchen Checklist is a quick guide to preventative maintenance to help you troubleshoot weak points and prevent breakdowns before they happen.


1.  Have the fan belts inspected for brittle areas caused by heat and grease that can break.

2.  Have the range burner inspected. Look for flames with a yellow color, throwing soot on the pan, or a fluctuating flame could mean your range is prime for a breakdown.

3.  Check commercial refrigerator temperatures and thermostats. Underperforming evaporator fans, misreading thermometers, and loose gaskets on the doors can compromise food safety.

4.  Ice machine parts are commonly prone to failure, preventive steps can be taken to ensure maximum up-time. Check our ice machine brand list for specific failure points by brand.

5.  Properly clean and degrease your fryers ensure proper temperature and food safety.

6.  Have refrigeration components professionally cleaned.

7.  Have your steamer professionally descaled and de-limed, which requires special equipment and training.

8.  Have range hoods and ventilation inspected for balance and efficiency.

9.  Clean and season griddles once a week as part of your regular cleaning schedule.


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