Kitchen Service Repair: How Important is Preventative Maintenance?

Posted March 24, 2015 by CPS

Establishing a consistent preventive maintenance for kitchen equipment includes the key to extending the life of your equipment and preventing disasters. Similar to scheduling dental and medical checkups to care for our families, and ourselves, your investment in refrigeration, kitchen, and oven equipment will deserve expert attention to keep it running.


Preventive maintenance may prolong equipment life by 30 percent and reduce catastrophic failures by a greater margin.


You want to, in particular, keep on top of these areas (in which incorrect maintenance may cause more severe problems) like:

– Inspection of burners and electrical wiring
– Gasket replacement
– Thermostat calibration
– Descaling water lines and boilers of equipment such as Steamers, Combi Ovens, Dish Machines, etc.


Problems which might arise due to incorrect maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment include:

– Higher risk of electrocution/fire and catastrophic destruction to equipment
– Loss of food product
– Higher energy consumption causing more expensive utility bills


Let us discuss the expense of not keeping product safety in mind as it may cause catastrophic situations – personally, professionally, and financially. A kitchen fire is not always a good thing. Kitchen grease will collect on cooking equipment wires and wire insulation will become a feasting atmosphere for rodents. Oftentimes a rodent may become electrocuted and begin a fire within a control box or worse, develop a grounded short which may electrocute the kitchen staff.


Correct preventive maintenance may stop a disaster such as this from occurring. Preventive maintenance involves gas burner inspection that prevents fires or gas explosions. If anybody has witnessed the collateral damage from gas explosions or total equipment destruction as a Fire Suppression System goes off, the expense of a preventive maintenance plan is inconsequential.


Gaskets which are worn permit for moisture and heat to escape the cooking atmosphere causing fluctuating cooking temperatures. Thermostat calibration permits for correct control of the cooking atmosphere so food does not dry out or burn due to lengthier cooking times. Besides the higher energy intake, the quality of food served will be seriously compromised and greater percentage of food loss will be guaranteed. Preventive maintenance will always inspect seals and gaskets and calibrate thermostats.


The loss of some customers paired with higher energy expense and food loss dwarfs the tiny cost of a preventive maintenance plan. Knowing your equipment is maintained well increases its lifespan, decreases energy intake, prevents disastrous events, and provides peace of mind.


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