Preventative Maintenance For School Cafeterias And Kitchens

Posted July 15, 2015 by CPS

It is estimated that each day more than 32-million US students receive their sustenance for the afternoon from their school cafeteria. That means every day millions of students rely on a well maintained cafeteria kitchen to get them through the school day!


You may be the best racecar driver in the state, but you’d never run a race without doing a pit stop and insuring everything is running smoothly, would you? Similarly, a school cafeteria runs smoothly because a responsible maintenance program for commercial kitchen repairs was put into place. To provide an optimal working kitchen operators must know not only how to operate their workstations, but how to best maintain them.


Likewise, would you call your doctor only when your illness became irreversible? Of course not, in a similar fashion, the more regularly you are at preforming preventative maintenance on your refrigerator, freezer, and other kitchen/cafeteria units, the less likely those units will be to fail.


Preventative maintenance ensures your equipment is performing at peak efficiency, creates lower energy costs, results in better tasting foods, lengthens equipment lifespan, and gives you the peace of mind that your cafeteria won’t fail you, or your students.


It’s important to keep students in mind when planning your preventative maintenance check. Academic breaks are the most ideal time to perform extensive maintenance or replacements. This allows workers to exercise their duties efficiently and won’t get in the way of classes.


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