Commercial Ice Machines For Healthcare Facilities: Counter-top Nugget Ice Machine vs. Under Counter Ice Machines

Posted August 17, 2015 by CPS

If you work in a healthcare facility then you already know there is a vast difference between commercial food service ice machines, and those used in the medical world. While ice is still used as an accompaniment to food and beverages within healthcare facilities, is it also used to treat injuries in patients, such as bruises, sprains, and is also used in the important task of transporting tissues and organs.


When it comes to healthcare facilities and kitchen maintenance, there is a great emphasis on cleanliness and sanitation, making hands-free ice makers a popular choice. But which is better for your medical environment, over the counter ice machines, or under the counter?


Countertop Nugget Ice Machines
Countertop nugget ice machines are very popular in the medical world for a number of reasons. Firstly, the ice produced by nugget ice machines is an appropriate size for the various tasks it is expected to perform in the medical world. It is an average of 1-5 grams, meaning it can easily be chewed by patients and reduces the risk of choking. Second, countertop nugget ice is slow to melt, making it ideal for ice packs or dietary needs. This hands-free ice maker reduces cross-contamination, perfect for a medical kitchen. Overall, a countertop nugget ice machine is better suited for consumption and ice packs, rather than tissue transportation.


Undercounter Ice Machines
As opposed to the nugget ice machine, an undercounter ice machine is self-contained and has attached storage. This machine fits under your counter and out of the way. This design makes them most ideal for laboratories. While undercounter ice machines may produce dozens of ice styles, the most commonly used cubes are nugget, cube, and flake ice. Flake ice is one of the most commonly used styles in the ER, since it is easy to sculpt and slow to melt. This is the ideal ice for transporting organs. Undercounter ice machines should be purchased with a lift and slide door to prevent cross-contamination, and provide hands-free scooping.


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