Gasket Maintenance For Your Commercial Kitchen: Why Is It So Important To Get Your Gaskets Checked?

Posted August 20, 2015 by CPS

While many people may automatically think “car” when they think about gasket maintenance, the truth is that gaskets can be found in a wide array of machinery, including items in your commercial kitchen. “Gasket” is a French term, originating from the word “garcette”, or “thin rope”. Gaskets are a flexible material, usually a rubber ring that is designed to seal and secure an area between two surfaces.


While there are rubber gaskets, usually used for pipes, manways, and heat exchangers, there are also other material gaskets available, such as non-asbestos compressed fiber gaskets, and cork gaskets. All materials are inherently flexible in nature. Common uses for gaskets are to create liquid seals, compress vibration, perform mountings, and guard against environmental debris acting as a seal. Gaskets may also be used as electrical transformers.


As far as your commercial kitchen is concerned, gaskets are everywhere; in your pipes, faucets, sinks, canisters and more. Common reasons for gasket failure include uneven pressing force, torque loss, improper sealing, a rough surface, and stress relaxation. Without working gaskets, you won’t have a working kitchen, and we know that means loss of business.


Commercial kitchen repair and maintenance is essential to keeping your kitchen in tip-top shape, ready for your next order of business, and we know that gaskets are an essential part of that.  At CPS we are dedicated to keeping your kitchen running smooth, and we do so with our preventative maintenance program. We have all of the parts you could ever need, allowing us to perform quick maintenance to your commercial kitchen.


With our 360° kitchen maintenance guarantee you’ll be able to find the gasket you need or any service you require any time of day, any day of the week. CPS Ohio is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you are looking to get service or find parts, call CPS Ohio today.