How to Keep Your Commercial Blender Blades Sharp

Posted October 26, 2015 by CPS

Are you keeping up with regular commercial kitchen maintenance even for your small units? You’d be surprised how the occasional blender blade maintenance could save you from a disaster down the road.


Follow these steps to keep your commercial blender blades sharp:

Unplug your blender and remove the holding container. For many commercial blenders, removing the blade is as simple as tipping the base upside down and twisting it counter clockwise. Once the base is removed you will want to continue unscrewing the pieces until all you are left with is the blade.


Start by washing the blade with warm, soapy water. Remove any food or debris that may be caked on. Once you have dried your blade, take a sharpening stone and run the stone against the blade to sharpen it. Do not use back in forth motions. Instead, make only forward motions at the same angle that your blade is already sharpened in. Repeat for all blades and then reassemble.


Should your commercial kitchen blender require further maintenance or replacement parts, call CPS Ohio today. With our extensive parts inventory and 24 hour service, we’ll have your blender back to new in no time.


Keeping up with your small kitchen appliances means less work for you in the long run. The more you keep up with commercial kitchen maintenance, the less money you will be spending on parts and repair. At CPS Ohio we can find you any commercial kitchen part or manual you could ever need. Keep your kitchen in great shape by calling CPS today.