The Most Commonly Neglected Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Posted October 29, 2015 by CPS


Are you neglecting your kitchen maintenance? You may be surprised to learn what many business owners are overlooking in their commercial kitchens.


With the holiday’s coming up, you know this means tall orders and plenty of pumpkin pie. This also means keeping your kitchen in tip-top shape for the upcoming busy season. While you’re probably a pro at doing nightly cleanings after food service, how devoted are you to checking up on each and every unit in your commercial kitchen?


While you may be a pro at remembering to clean your commercial ovens and ranges, what about those other kitchen appliances? Remember, losing even one unit to poor maintenance could cost you thousands in lost revenue and repair costs, whereas a well-maintained kitchen will cost you less over that unit’s lifespan. Here’s what you can do make sure you maintenance those commonly neglected commercial kitchen appliances.


Commercial Refrigeration Units
Doing commercial kitchen maintenance involves more than sanitizing your refrigeration units every night. It involves checking fan blades, motors, condenser coils, air returns and shelving for any potential problems. Doing so will help maintain the integrity of the unit for years to come.


Commercial Ice Machines
The commercial ice machine is probably one of the most neglected commercial kitchen appliances, since it is such a hassle to do. To maintenance to your ice machine you must unplug the unit and empty it of any leftover ice. If you have a large unit this may be time consuming. Start by cleaning out the water system, instructions for which should be in the machines manual. Next inspect and remove air filters.


You’ll want to check the water pressure and filtration system. Do a visual inspection for any shaky, loose, or broken parts in need of repair. Finally, sanitize the entire unit and make a new batch of ice. We recommend that the first and possibly second batch of ice be tossed after cleaning. This ice may still contain cleaning residue and would not be suitable for consumption.


Commercial Dishwashing Units
You can maintenance your commercial dishwasher by removing any racks and holders and then scouring the unit with warm, soapy water. Wipe away any food or debris found within the unit. Check for any potential clogs within the unit, as well as any broken parts.


Having a planned maintenance program for commercial kitchen appliances is absolutely essential, especially before the holidays. CPS Ohio offers 24/7 kitchen maintenance, repairs, and parts so you don’t have to panic if your unit breaks down.