The Most Common Issue with Commercial Walk-In Freezers and How to Fix It

Posted November 9, 2015 by CPS


Are you having trouble with your walk in? We’re looking at the most common issues with commercial walk-in freezers and how to fix them.


Even one small issue with your commercial freezer could have you losing money in products and time. One day spent without a working walk-in freezer could mean thousands of dollars lost for you and your business, not to mention spoiled food and goods. Get on top of a freezer preventative maintenance program by learning the most common issue with commercial walk in freezers and how to fix them.


Ice Accumulation Around Or In The Drainage Pan

If you’re having trouble with a buildup of ice in your commercial walk-in freezer, there may be an issue with your heater. While you may think heat is the last thing needed for a walk in freezer, you’d be mistaken. Heat is necessary to keep ice accumulation from interfering with your walk-in and wasting energy. For any heater replacement parts, call CPS today.


Frost Build-up On Doors Or Ceiling

A build-up of frost on your freezer door may indicate a leaking door gasket. In order to determine whether you have a leak, step into your unit with the lights off and look around for any visible light peeking through. Frost build-up around the ceiling, however, means that a fan has failed. CPS can have these parts shipped to you immediately and assist with any commercial kitchen repairs and maintenance you may need.


Difficulty Opening Walk-in Freezer Door

If you’re finding it difficult to open your freezer door directly after closing it, you likely have an issue with your walk-in’s pressure relief port. These heated vents create an equalizing within your walk-in. Clear up this issue by clearing this port of any ice buildup that may be clogging it.


One way to ensure your freezer never gives you trouble again is by scheduling regular commercial kitchen repairs and maintenance checks. At CPS we know time is money, that’s why we offer 24/7 service and technical support for any maintenance, parts, and commercial kitchen repairs needed. Call us at 900-837-8327 and we’ll have you up and running in no time.