4 Steps You Can Take to Prep Your Commercial Kitchen for the Holidays

Posted November 10, 2015 by CPS


Whether you’re a restaurant or a cafeteria, you know the holiday seasons means big business. Here’s how to prep your commercial kitchen for the holidays.


When you work in a commercial kitchen you know that the holidays usually mean big sales, big meals, and big maintenance! Here are 4 easy steps you can take to prep your commercial kitchen for the busy holiday season and keep everything running smoothly.


Do A Deep Clean

One way to make sure commercial kitchen appliances are well-taken care of before the middle of prime-time dinner service is to ensure a deep clean is done in advance. While commercial kitchens are mostly cleaned every night after service, a thorough deep clean should be done a week in advance of the holiday’s to ensure everything is sanitary and in working condition.


Get Your Ordering Done In Advance

What could be worse on a busy holiday evening than running out of your holiday special? Prep in advance for this potential disaster by ensuring a healthy list of orders is already made up. Be sure to prep for any specialty holiday items to be ordered in, such as pumpkins, ham, turkey, and cranberries. Not being able to have these on hand would spell disaster for the kitchen staff.


Maintenance And Commercial Kitchen Repair

In order to keep your kitchen in good working order for the busy season, be sure to call for any maintenance or commercial kitchen repairs well in advance. This means cleaning the exhaust for your units, checking burners and lights, and of course doing a deep cleaning of refrigerators and storage areas. It’s better to know in advance of any parts that need to be ordered, or if any maintenance or repairs are to be performed than to have it sprung on you during dinner.


Keep A Good Attitude

The atmosphere of a commercial kitchen may be less than charming, especially during a stressful season. Maintain good kitchen moral by keeping a positive attitude about the season and the sales to come. Keeping up with your kitchen prep, pre-ordering, and commercial kitchen maintenance will ensure your holiday runs smoothly and efficiently.


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