How To Safely And Effectively Clean Your Commercial Oven

Posted December 7, 2015 by CPS


The cleanliness of your oven can make a difference in how your food will taste. Here’s how to safely & effectively clean your commercial oven.


Cleaning your commercial oven is no walk in the park, but there’s no other option when it comes to quality assurance, great tasting food, and avoiding unnecessary commercial kitchen repairs. If you have a large lineup of ovens you may want to do each step in a row to save time. While this process is time consuming, the result is well worth the effort for both you and your customers. Here is how to safely and effectively clean your commercial oven.


Clean Your Exterior On A Weekly Basis

Using a gentle brush and mild cleaning soap, be sure to clean the exterior on a weekly basis, if not every night after service. This will help keep a clean and orderly appearance and will help prevent bacteria buildup.


Clean The Interior Daily

While a deep clean will be necessary every so often in order to maintain proper oven maintenance, you will also want to do a general cleaning nightly. After the oven has cooled and service has ended, clean the interior of your oven with an appropriate detergent. During this time you will also want to remove any crumbs, spills, or charring that has occurred to prevent potential fires.


Perform A Deep Clean Once A Month

This deep clean will help extend the lifespan of your oven, and will ensure your oven is completely free of caked on food, grease, and hard to clean spills. This clean should be performed with thick cleaning gloves, appropriate strength oven cleaners, and possibly goggles and a mask dependant on what cleaners you are using. Follow your owner’s manual, and check for any necessary parts that may have become damaged or broken over time.


Don’t let your oven change the way your food tastes. Conduct thorough cleanings at the proper intervals, and be sure to keep well stocked with OEM oven parts from CPS