Operating Commercial Steamers – Best Practices For Keeping Your Employees Safe

Posted December 14, 2015 by CPS


Are you operating a new commercial steamer in your kitchen? Here are the best practices to keep your employees safe.


When it comes to your commercial kitchen, it is important to show your staff exactly how to operate new commercial kitchen equipment. There should be one rule when it comes to new kitchen equipment: If you don’t know how to use it, don’t touch it! All staff should be trained with kitchen equipment, especially if it’s a new item. We’re looking at commercial steamers and the best practices to keep your employees safe during use.


How To Keep Your Kitchen Staff Safe
Commercial steamers can do wonders for your kitchen. They cook faster than convection, work hard on tough foods, and get the job done for large batches of food in no time flat. But if an employee isn’t careful he could end up in more than just hot water. Here’s how to keep employee’s safe when operating a steamer.


Train Staff Immediately. Commercial steamers are larger than convection steamers, meaning they can seem bulky and difficult to use. Always make sure staff is properly trained with new kitchen equipment.


Keep The Floors Wiped. Due to that fact that large commercial steamers are designed to steam food, this creates condensation. If your staff aren’t careful, condensation can get onto the floor and make for a slipping hazard. Have staff mindful of wiping up spills, and closing the steamer door properly.


Check For Kitchen Maintenance. Nothing will frustrate, or put your employees in more danger than a product that isn’t working. Always make sure your kitchen equipment is well cared for, free from damage, and in good working order.


Cleaning Precautions. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in any kitchen. Since the design of the steamer is to get to a high temperature, it is in your staff’s best interest to wait until the unit is completely cooled before attempting to clean it.


Use Gloves Or Goggles When Necessary. Steamers are hot, meaning you wouldn’t let your staff remove trays without wearing gloves. Goggles may also be used in the case of those who wear glasses, or those who are operating multiple steamers in one kitchen.


Always remember to practice kitchen safety, and never let a staff member operate machinery he or she is not familiar with. At CPS Ohio we specialize in OEM commercial steamer parts and maintenance. Browse our website for all of your commercial kitchen needs, or call us to order parts or schedule repairs.