How Often Should You Clean Your Commercial Ice Machine?

Posted December 21, 2015 by admin


Your ice machine is integral to your commercial kitchen. Night or day your ice machine is in use, so how often should it be cleaned?


One of the most common questions asked about commercial ice machines is this: How often should they be cleaned? What are the reasons for cleaning a commercial ice machine? The fact is that your ice bin is never completely emptied before new ice is created. This means there is a higher chance that contaminated ice can ruin your entire batch. Even one piece of contaminated ice runs the risk of spreading illness to your patrons, ruining your reputation, and failing surprise health inspections.


You Should Clean Your Ice Machine Every 6 Months.
Empty your ice machine and do a thorough cleaning with a nickel-safe scaler and sanitizer. Be sure you are using antimicrobial protection in between cleanings. This will ensure that your ice continues to be clean and fresh until your next 6 month cleaning.


Water Filters Should Be Replaced Every 6 Months.
A clean, new water filter is essential to getting the best, purest ice possible for your patrons. Be sure to replace your water filter every 6 months, as this will help keep your ice looking clear and tasting fresh.


Perform Weekly Checkups.
Once a week, take the time to wipe down the exterior of your ice machine unit, cleaning off any dirt or spills. You will also want to check your pipes, drains, and air filter to make sure there is no buildup of debris.


Don’t let your commercial ice machine run the risk of contamination. Keep on a routine cleaning schedule of your commercial ice machine as well as other commercial kitchen repairs and maintenance. For all of your commercial ice machine OEM parts needs, don’t hesitate to call CPS Ohio at 800.837.8327.