Ohio ProStart® Competition Recap

Posted February 22, 2016 by CPS

students from Penta Career Center


Our Key Accounts Representative, Dave Majeski, was invited to judge the Management portion of the Ohio ProStart® Invitational for high school juniors and seniors competing in this year’s event. We asked Dave to give us a wrap up of the event and this is what he had to say:


“This past weekend’s ProStart® Invitational was truly inspiring. The competition this year was closer than ever! Each team showed creativity, attention to detail and a general knowledge of the restaurant industry like I have never seen in high school students. It was so tough to judge these students’ ideas only having 10 or so minutes each time, but even in that time span you could tell how much work each team put into their concept.


We saw restaurant concepts ranging from amusement parks to food trucks, mom and pop Italian restaurants, Asian fusain concepts and so many more. Every student that competed will certainly make an impact in the coming years as restaurant mangers if they decide to stay in this industry. I look forward to working with these talented young adults in the future and cannot wait to see them incorporate the kind of creativity they showed this past weekend, into their work as professionals in restaurant management.


The winners of the management competition were four young ladies from Penta Career Center, out of Perrysburg, Ohio, near Toledo. These young women showed amazing attention to detail, creativity, and organizational skills in their written proposal. During their presentation, they worked very well together as a team, and their organization showed how much they cared for this event. They smiled and SOLD us on their idea from the time they entered the room until they walked out. They showed amazing quickness on their feet and knowledge of their product during the Q& A session. I can’t wait to hear the results from the national competition and see where this group winds up.”


CPS is thankful to Dave Majeski for taking time to participate in this event, helping high school students prepare for a future in the restaurant industry. We send our congratulations to the team from Penta Career Center who will be moving on to the national competition!