New Trend in Commercial Kitchens

Posted December 19, 2016 by CPS


The food service industry is a great assembly line with cooks, managers, waiting staff and one of the most overlooked aspects—the equipment. It would pretty much be impossible to have a functioning kitchen with broken and faulty equipment.

Historically, from dinning halls to high-class restaurants, ovens and other appliances worked until they didn’t. That meant, that once the piece was purchased, it was left alone to perform its function until no repairs could save it.

There is a new trend with restaurants, dorm buildings, cooking schools and other operations that have commercial kitchens: year-round service and maintenance programs.

For starters, let’s define what that program means. Not only will certified professionals inspect your kitchen items and make sure they are running properly, but they will also be on call around the clock for emergency repairs.

Believe it or not, just like a car, your cooking stations and equipment will last longer and perform better with routine checkups and year-round service. With all the other things you have to deal with in your kitchen, you shouldn’t have to add scheduling service to your list.

Also, there’s never a convenient time for ovens and appliances to break. When they break, you need CFESA-certified technicians on-call, ready to fix your problem right away, regardless of the day or time.

Remember, it’s not only the certified tech you need, but the parts as well to fix the issue. If the company doesn’t have access to the parts or if it will take days to get them delivered, then it’s a moot point.

The 360° Kitchen Maintenance Guarantee program from Commercial Parts and Service (CPS) is a great example of the trend. If you need a part, a fix or just want to ensure you are covered 24/7/365, call CPS and ask about the 360° Kitchen Maintenance Year-Round Service Guarantee: 800-837-8327.