The Top Food Trends for 2017

Posted January 16, 2017 by CPS

food trends


When it comes to the hottest food trends in the New Year, restaurant industry associations, food media and brands have all made their predictions. There is absolutely no shortage of ideas on what may become more mainstream in 2017. Below are our top ten:


10. Coffee-based options: Starbucks already took coffee to a new level with blended, flavored, caffeinated beverages. Could coffee be taking another leap in 2017? It seems so with the inclusion of coffee in cocktails, candy, frozen treats and more. Coffee is now more than something you drink in the morning, it’s an ingredient.


9. Street food: New restaurants serving “street food” from around the world seem to be popping up every where. We only see this trend gaining momentum in 2017 as people continue to want quick, convenient ethnic dishes.


8. Healthy kid’s meals: Children have never had a huge say in what restaurants serve, so kids menus have tended to consist of simple-tasting burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc. However, kid’s menus are slowly becoming healthier. Expect to see more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins for the little ones in 2017.


7. Flexible eating: People are discovering that there is no one diet with all the answers. Rather, a wide variety of healthy foods is key. With more sophisticated taste preferences and the introduction of new healthy foods from around the world, expect more flexible eating styles such as vegan before 5 pm, or pescatarians enjoying the occasional beef.


6. Coconut take-over: Coconut oil has slowly been replacing butter and other refined sweeteners as a more nutritious alternative. Now, the white flesh of the coconut is even being used in flours, chips, ice creams and more. 


5. House-made condiments: More and more chefs are coming up with homemade house sauces and consumers love it. While you may not be giving up the traditional A1 or Siracha quite yet, you can expect more options, like habanero jam or garlic puree, on the menu in 2017.


4. New cuts of meat: While people may be eating slightly less meat, steakhouses are as strong as ever. The emergence of new types of cuts, like shoulder tender and oyster steak, have chefs excited to beef up their menus.


3. Urban food delivery: Restaurant ordering apps and delivery services are expanding rapidly, especially in urban areas. Consumers want more options than the traditional pizza and Chinese food delivery when ordering in.


2. More veggies: With vegan restaurants gaining in popularity, vegetables seem to be taking the spotlight. Cauliflower and Broccoli are becoming staple vegetables and veggie burger companies are looking to attract meat eaters with better, more meat-like tasting products.


1. Ethnic Cuisine: Driven by international travel, shifting demographics, and an increased sense of adventure among consumers, various ethnic dishes will continue to gain popularity in 2017. Filipino food is quickly becoming a favorite new Asian cuisine and the Cook For Syria charity initiative put Syrian ingredients on the map in 2016.


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