Helpful Tips for Commercial Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Posted March 29, 2017 by CPS

commercial kitchen spring cleaning

The first day of Spring was last week and as the days get a little longer, so does your cleaning list until you take the time to do something about it. Spring is the best time to conduct your annual kitchen audit and ensure that everything is clean and safe. Before you get started, check out these helpful commercial kitchen Spring cleaning tips:

Complete your yearly audit

First, there are a few important things that all restaurant owner/operators need to be checking on an annual basis. These include:

Checking your fire extinguishers

Cleaning your oven hoods

Cleaning pilot lights on gas equipment

Checking your fire suppression system

Some of these require the assistance of a professional. CPS has been Ohio’s top service agent, serving customers in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, for over 35 years and is only a phone call away: 800.837.8327.

Clean, Inspect, Sanitize, and Organize

After you get help from CPS, there is a laundry list of cleaning, inspecting, sanitizing, and organizing tasks that you can do yourself. These include:

Wiping down the interior and exterior of all equipment

Deep clean and sanitize all the hard-to-reach areas – behind your equipment, walls, ceilings, etc

Organize while you clean – take inventory of any broken or missing tools

Keep the pests out! As the weather gets warmer, keep your storage room temperatures in the low 60’s and rotate materials to keep bugs from burrowing in

Improve your curb appeal – take a power washer to the exterior, inspect your parking lot for damage, and add a fresh layer of mulch and seasonal flowers

Restock your first aid kit

Update any data sheets posted around the kitchen

Whether your equipment is older or newer, a preventative maintenance program is a great way to take care of breakdowns before they happen!

Commercial kitchen equipment that is regularly cleaned and inspected for optimal performance is the best way to ensure long-lasting equipment, efficient equipment, and food that tastes the best it possibly can for your customers. If you’re in need of a single part, search for what you need here or give us a call with the serial number of the part you need, and we’ll order it for you.

As you inspect equipment, complete your yearly audit, and deep clean the inside and outside of your restaurant – contact CPS to set up a preventative maintenance program or to request emergency service. We’ll help you find new parts or get the service you require 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.