The Importance of Commercial Water Filter Replacement

Posted April 11, 2017 by CPS

water filter replacement

Maintaining the water filters in your commercial kitchen is essential for sanitation, great-tasting water, and ensuring long-lasting equipment. While spending a couple hundred now may seem like a hassle, saving thousands in the future is no joke!

Our inventory of over 1.5 million OEM parts, includes water filter parts from top manufacturers like Everpure, Hoshizake, Ice-O-Matic, and more. How can your commercial kitchen benefit from a superior water filter system? And how often is maintenance needed? We answer those questions below.

Improved Sanitation

Have you ever been served water that smells funny or tastes like chlorine? Most likely, this is due to a lack of water purification. While it may not always be harmful, no one wants to drink “off” tasting water. A top-of-the-line water filter system blocks mineral deposits and prevents other contaminants from entering the water line.

Longer-Lasting Equipment

A water filter system may not come to the forefront of your mind when considering the durability of your commercial kitchen equipment. However, filtering out contaminants prevents mineral build-up in your machines, which results in longer-lasting equipment.

For your ice machine, water filtration not only helps produce more ice and better tasting beverages – but it allows the machine to work more efficiently, resulting in a longer life-cycle and less energy usage.

Coffee pots are another kitchen item that greatly benefits from better water filtration. Even if you clean your brewer regularly, the lack of proper water filtration can cause sediment to clog the components, lowering efficiency and durability.

Finally, your commercial kitchen steam equipment most greatly benefits from water filtration. Filtering out sediments and contaminants produces cleaner steam, resulting in fresher, healthier food. It also prevents calcification and build-up, which cause most maintenance issues and breakdowns in steam equipment.

Maintaining Water Filters

Recommended filter change cycles vary from one filter product to another. Simple filter cartridge replacements should occur as often as possible to ensure the purest water, but you should check the manufacturer’s recommendations for exact maintenance schedules. Steam equipment, for example, should probably receive preventative maintenance from a professional every 3-6 months.

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