Solving Your Commercial Refrigeration Problems

Posted April 25, 2017 by CPS

As the summer heat arrives, it’s important to make sure your commercial refrigeration system is working properly and efficiently. Even the best refrigeration systems on the market are vulnerable to a host of technical issues. It’s important to know what to look for so you can get the issue resolved quickly and not experience any downtime.

commercial refrigeration

Here are a couple of the most common problems:

Temperature Issues

Is your commercial refrigerator running too hot or too cold? There could be a few reasons behind this. First, make sure your refrigerator is placed correctly, at least one inch away from the wall so air can circulate properly around it. Second, make sure the seal isn’t damaged. Over time, the seal can wear down from repeated opening and closing. Third, make sure you clean the compressor and evaporator coils every 90 days. The accumulation of dirt and dust on evaporator coils have been known to cause issues. You should also consider a malfunctioning thermostat. Make sure that it’s reading the correct temperatures by double checking with a thermometer.

Lighting/Power Issues

Check to see if any bulbs need replacing in your commercial refrigerator. You should also check to see if your power cord is plugged in all the way before getting too invested in other issues. It could have been accidentally knocked out of place. Finally, a voltage detector will help determine if the problems are being caused by the power supply itself, rather than the unit.

Whether you need help identifying the problem or need professional service or replacement parts, you should always seek the help of a professional technician. CPS can help you find the right part so you can fix a simple problem on your own or provide you with on-site service and maintenance. Always remember these safety tips as well:

– Never touch iced surfaces when your skin is wet or damp

– Never store flammable materials near your refrigeration system

– Clean your condenser once a month

– Always unplug refrigerator prior to cleaning or repairing

– Consult a CPS Service Technician for convenience and safety

CPS has been servicing commercial refrigeration systems for companies in Ohio, Southeastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky for nearly four decades! Whether you need 24/7 emergency service, a preventative maintenance plan, or top-of-the-line replacement parts, our CFESA-certified technicians and expert support team are only a phone call away: 800-837-8327.