How to Run a Kitchen Efficiently

Posted June 28, 2017 by CPS


The hospitality industry is highly competitive and commercial kitchens generally run on thin margins. As such, the operations require effective management to maximize profitability. Prioritizing specific aspects of kitchen management has the capacity to boost the bottom line.

Some of the key areas that require careful handling include staff workflow, menus, inventory procedures and efficient use of equipment. When it comes to efficient equipment, no one is better equipped to service your equipment or help you find replacement parts than the people at CPS. Adopting an effective strategy allows managers to improve the efficiency and economy of the operation.

Streamlining processes

The menu should be compatible with the available resources, including staff skills, kitchen layout, equipment and storage. It is recommended that you replace menu items that are overly complex when it comes to preparation. The ideal menu option is more manageable for the kitchen staff and the equipment.

Using fewer ingredients is a sure-fire way to control labor and inventory costs. Doing so helps make the food preparation line move faster. On the other hand, hiring an experienced front of house manager ensures that orders are placed without jamming kitchen operations.

Kitchen staff workflow

Managing the workflow with the aim to maximize staff productive requires efficient use of time. Hence, the need to create a practical work schedule that keeps staff fully occupied even on slow days. The key lies in understanding the kitchen’s production capacity.

Efficient use of equipment

The efficient use of kitchen equipment has the capacity to save money and energy while boosting operational efficiency. In some cases, the improved energy efficiency can translate to better quality food and hygiene standards. Implementing moderate improvements in efficiency with the latest parts from leading manufacturers can help kitchen operations save up to 20 percent. Give CPS a call with the serial number of the part you’re looking for and we’ll help you find it and order it in minutes: 800.837.8327.

Additionally, it is common for establishments to switch equipment on at the beginning of a shift and keep them running for the entire day. This can be highly wasteful and may create an unpleasant working because the equipment generates heat. For this reason, it is best to adopt a switch-off policy. The staff should be well-informed about preheat times, best practices and control settings.

Training staff on kitchen equipment

Educating staff on how to clean and maintain equipment helps keep kitchen operations running smoothly. The training encompasses an overview of key components and performing periodic maintenance. The staff can be instructed to call repair technicians when necessary, and a routine maintenance program can help take care of breakdowns before they happen. The training should cover a wide variety of equipment, including high-tech combination ovens, programmable fryers and more.

This plays an integral role when it comes to extending the working life of kitchen equipment. For instance, refrigerators remove heat using airflow. Kitchen staff should be instructed not to block air circulation by placing objects too close to the equipment. Poor air circulation causes the compressor to extend its operating cycles.

Employees must know the location of gas shutoff valves, grease traps, quick disconnects, breaker panels and water shutoff valves. This can boost safety and confidence when handling maintenance or repair work.

Maximizing storage space

When running out of storage space, the best solution is going vertical. Repurposing cabinet doors and empty walls is another viable solution. These spaces can accommodate smaller items, such as magnetic knife strips, ladles, saute pans and pots. Magnetic knife strips are capable of holding spices in magnetic containers.

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