The Most Important Pieces Of Equipment In A Commercial Bakery

Posted June 28, 2017 by CPS

commercial bakery equipment

Starting a commercial bakery can be a strikingly detailed venture, but also a highly profitable and meticulous undertaking. However, you must have enough knowledge of the most important commercial bakery equipment to ensure your operations run smoothly. What are the vital must-have pieces for your commercial bakery?

Commercial Oven

A commercial oven is hands down the most critical item you will need in your bakery. Understand that the oven you use in your home will not do the trick if you plan to produce a decent inventory of pastries for your customers. But exactly what type should you invest in? At first, a commercial oven will work for you, but as you progress you may need to upgrade to a conventional one for fast and efficient baking. Most conventional ovens make baking a breeze especially when they rotate racks. You may want to also consider deck and proofing ovens. Remember; never skimp on an oven as this is the single most important detail of your commercial bakery.

Commercial Mixers

From dough mixers, cake, to floor mixers, there are different varieties you will need, but be sure to choose the most suitable for your business. Choose your mixer based on the type of pastries you plan to make, and the volume you hope to produce. For instance, if you plan to distribute large amounts of baked goods to restaurants, a floor mixer would be your best bet.

Reversible Dough Sheeters

Pastries should appeal to the taste buds of gourmets, and also be visually appealing. This is what reversible dough sheeters help you do. Rolling pins can be tiresome and are not feasible for large scale production. The dough sheeter is versatile and handles kneading and thinning, allowing you to adjust the thickness of the dough more precisely. With the extra cutting attachment, you can quickly sheet cookies, donuts, and more. These come in various sizes and capacities, therefore, conduct thorough research on the right model to buy for your bakery.

Proof boxes

For any pastry work requiring rising dough, a proof box will certainly be an important addition. These offer storage spaces for dough set aside to rise. They are ideal because they allow you to set the right temperatures and humidity. You can get them in different sizes.

Dough Rounders

These are integral to any modern bakery especially since they produce the finest rolls. They are excellent in making rolls and buns, maintaining consistent divisions for an even end product. You can find them in octagonal, round, and square shapes and they are available in table-top units and large-scale production sizes.

A large-scale facility requires high-tech equipment for the preparation of baked goods. When starting out, you may begin with a smaller capacity of equipment, and upgrade with time. Mixers, refrigerators, ovens, and racks are some of the key equipment a commercial bakery must invest in for a successful pastry business. Understand that efficiency is the key to profitability, therefore, select the right equipment for your baking process. Always take your time to ensure that you make a sound decision.

Finally, maintaining your commercial bakery equipment over time is equally important for the efficiency and profitability of your operation! That’s where CPS Ohio comes in. Our factory-trained CFESA Certified Service Technicians have been helping commercial kitchens service their equipment, perform routine maintenance, and find the right parts since 1972. Give us a call today: 800.837.8327