The Biggest Problems with Service Equipment (and how to avoid them)

Posted September 8, 2017 by CPS

In large commercial kitchens, it often seems that something is always breaking. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the biggest problems with service equipment and, most importantly, how to avoid them.

  1. Ice Machines Leaking
    Ice machines are prone to problems because they require a constant flow of water from an outside source. When something goes wrong with the machine or the water source, ice machine problems result. One such problem is a leaky valve in the machine. If water is leaking into the machine, it can damage the electronics of the machine or compromise the ice. On the other hand, if the water is leaking out of the machine, it can pool and cause obvious safety risks in your kitchen. To avoid a leak, have your ice machine serviced frequently.
  1. Fryers not maintaining proper temperature
    Deep frying food requires that the oil of the fryer be kept at a precise temperature. If the oil drops beneath this temperature or rises above it, the fried food will not turn out right. To prevent your fryer from allowing the oil to get too hot or too cold, check the oil temperature frequently and have the fryer serviced frequently.
  1. Walk-in coolers getting too warm
    An overheated walk-in cooler can pose a financial risk to your company and a health risk to your customers. To prevent overheating, carefully check the walk-in doors to make sure they always sealed properly and check the temperature of the walk-in several times each day. As soon as you start to see the temperature spike, call a technician. By acting quickly, you can keep the food inside the walk-in from reaching unsafe temperatures.
  1. Vents malfunctioning
    Properly working vents are an important part of any commercial kitchen. When these vents fail, the working environment of your kitchen is compromised. Usually, when these vents stop functioning properly it simply means that it is time for them to be cleaned out. By carefully maintaining your kitchen’s vent-cleaning schedule, you can prevent vent malfunctions.
  1. Dishwashers not cleaning properly
    If your commercial dishwasher isn’t getting dishes as clean as it should, there are several possible explanations for this problem. One of the most common and, luckily, easiest to fix problems is a malfunctioning filter. If the dishwasher’s filter isn’t working properly, debris may gather in the machine. To prevent this problem, simply change or clean the filter frequently.

As you may have noticed, the problems a commercial kitchen may face are varied, but the means of preventing them is not. Essentially, proactive upkeep and frequent servicing are the keys to prevent large problems in your commercial kitchen. Call CPS today and we’ll make sure everything in your commercial kitchen is in good shape.