Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Commercial Deep Fryer?

Posted November 2, 2017 by CPS


In commercial kitchens that produce fried food, the deep fryer is often one of the most frequently used and most important pieces of equipment in the kitchen. As such, it ought to be maintained carefully so that it will work as well as possible. If you want to get the most out of your commercial kitchen’s deep fryer, check out the list of tips below.

  1. Practice proper maintenance
    Deep fryers, if not maintained properly, can become both a health and safety risk. To avoid these risks, make sure that the unit’s exterior and fry baskets are cleaned each day. The fryer should also be “boiled-out” and given a deep cleaning as frequently as possible. In addition, the oil and the filter must both be changed on a regular schedule, depending on the volume of food you fry each day.
  1. Fry your food properly
    Rushing to fill orders in a busy kitchen is completely understandable, but you must be sure that your cooks are not cutting corners when it comes to frying foods properly. Make sure fryer baskets are not being overfilled and foods are being fried at the proper temperature. An overfilled fry basket will lead to increased contamination of the oil and improper frying temperatures will hurt the quality of the foods you are serving.
  1. Focus on safety
    Deep fryers can pose serious safety risks for the employees in your commercial kitchen. It is important to mitigate these risks by offering comprehensive training to each employee who will operate the fryer and providing proper safety equipment, such as oil-proof protective gloves.

In addition to following the tips above, be sure to have a CFESA-certified technician provide preventative maintenance for your commercial deep fryer every six months. If it’s been more than six months, call CPS today and schedule an appointment.