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200 Commercial Oven Installations For Donatos

Keeping Ohio pizza lovers happy is Donatos Pizza’s #1 goal, and it all begins with well-equipped, up-and-running ovens. When the uber popular restaurant chain needs to install new pizza ovens and remove and discard outdated equipment, they rely on CPS to get the job done.


Columbus, OH


  • 200 commercial pizza ovens installed
  • 200 old ovens removed & discarded
  • Same day oven removal, installation & testing
  • 0 downtime to the kitchen operations
  • 40,000 thousand daily happy customers

The story

Americans love pizza. A lot. According to the numbers, we each eat an average of 46 slices of pizza per year, or about 23 pounds of pizza per year, per person. Wow-za. Without a doubt, there’s nothing quite like a bite of cheesy, carby, melty goodness – it’s what keeps people coming back for more!

No matter the method, ensuring that your commercial pizza oven is installed, programed, and working properly is 90% of the equation. Especially when whipping up thousands of pizzas every single day.

So, what happens when a commercial pizza oven needs to be fixed or replaced? Well, at Donatos, they call CPS.

Donatos is family-owned company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with more than 150 locations in 10 states. To bake their award-winning hand-tossed crust, Donatos trusts CPS to keep their commercial pizza ovens up and running, ready to bake to golden perfection.

Recently, CPS completed a massive pizza oven installation job in all of Donatos’ corporate stores in Columbus, Ohio, and we carried out the work in a way that ensured Ohio residents never had to wait to place an order.

To do so, CPS had to remove three existing pizza ovens (a total of 200) in every Donatos store, and then install three replacement ovens (another total of 200). On average, it took CPS about 5-6 hours to complete each location’s switchover, and we avoided delivery downtime by doing the job after hours, when the locations were closed for the night. To complete the 200-store rollout, the project was completed over the course of 3 weeks.


Old EFLOW commercial oven prepped for removal


CPS box truck delivering the new equipment on location


New commercial oven during installation process

Although removing and replacing pizza ovens might seem pretty straightforward, there’s actually many considerations to be aware of. Not every pizza oven is created equal, and Donatos’ pizza ovens have patented cooking fingers and cooking patterns that cannot be reused or copied by a competitor. It was our responsibility to either store the defunct pizza ovens and their components in our 40,000 square foot warehouse, or properly dispose of them in a safe and eco-friendly way.

As a company, Donatos is proud of its “Edge to Edge” promise, which means that every pizza is loaded edge to edge with tasty toppings, so every bite is consistently delicious. Donatos never cuts corners, and the same is true for how it handles commercial kitchen equipment installations. Instead of waiting until something goes wrong, Donatos hires CPS to proactively maintain, replace, and install its proprietary pizza ovens to avoid downtime and disappointed customers.

Donatos values loyalty and consistency. That’s why they’ve used the same pizza dough recipe for 50 years, the same family-recipe sausage since 1963, and it’s also why they put exactly 100 lean and crispy pepperoni slices on every large thin or thick crust pizza.

In the same vein, Donatos’ partnership with CPS is built on loyalty and consistency; as of 2020, we have worked together for 10 years and counting. As long as Donatos makes pizza, CPS will support its mission to bring people together with really, really good pizza – and equally good pizza ovens.

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