A New Service from CPS

Introducing CPS Test Kitchens

With two test kitchens in Cincinnati and Columbus, we help up-and-coming restaurants and food service employees confidently prepare for their grand openings by providing a generous space to test recipes and finalize menus with commercial kitchen equipment.

A new service for up-and-coming restaurants.

What is a test kitchen?

A test kitchen is exactly what it sounds like – a commercial kitchen space where restaurant workers like chefs, bakers, and mixologists can test new recipes and collaborate as a team prior to the grand opening of their up-and-coming restaurant.

Why are test kitchens great?

When you’re opening a restaurant, the real work begins months in advance. From hiring employees to finalizing menus, it’s a process that requires space. Our test kitchens provide exactly that in a commercial-grade environment.

How do test kitchens work?

You bring the ingredients; we provide the equipment. CPS specializes in commercial kitchen equipment, and we have everything you need to test recipes – from crispy fried chicken to sweet crème brûlée. Simply book the facility when you need it.

Our test kitchen locations

We currently operate two test kitchens located in Cincinnati and Columbus. To book a facility, simply contact your local branch with your proposed dates.


Test kitchen talks with CPS

CPS succeeds when the restaurants we partner with succeed. Learn how we're helping up-and-coming food service establishments prepare for their grand openings.


Kona Craft Kitchen

Set to open in Dublin, Ohio in fall of 2021, Kona Craft Kitchen is an up-and-coming restaurant passionate about developing all of its recipes from scratch, and they needed a place to test those delicious creations.

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