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Cleveland Range

Get to know this manufacturer’s history and expertise, as well as the Cleveland Range products that CPS services for them.

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Cleveland Range

Since 1847, Cleveland Range has been committed to producing nothing but the very best in commercial cooking equipment. Our line of steamers, combination steamer-ovens, kettles, braising pans and specialty ovens will suit most restaurants, hotels, chain restaurants and supermarkets.


Over its 165 year history, Cleveland Range has had many firsts in the food service industry.  From being the first company to utilize stainless steel in the production of their equipment in 1922 to the Convotherm oven which was introduced in 2005, Cleveland Range has always been an innovator and a leader.  Still proudly built in Cleveland, Ohio, the company has expanded their selection of products from their initial offering of French Steel Ranges to a wide array of cooking and kitchen equipment.

Because they are continually driving to be the leader in the manufacturing and design of cooking equipment, Cleveland Range is also an innovative research company.  Their products revolutionize cooking practices to make commercial kitchens more effective and more efficient.  Steamers, gas griddles, ovens, kettles, braising pans; Cleveland Range is a premier manufacturer because of their stellar research and development.

Cleveland Range believes in quality at every level.  For this reason, even replacement parts for Cleveland Range equipment are expertly designed and made.  Cleveland Range OEM parts are essential for the proper repair of their equipment.  When in need of maintenance, Cleveland Range equipment does best when it gets the right service.  Parts for combination steamer-ovens, kettles, braising pans, and specialty ovens can all be found specifically for Cleveland Range appliances.  By using OEM parts for these appliances, commercial kitchens insure a longer lifecycle for their commercial kitchen equipment, which, in the long run, saves both time and money.

Cleveland Range has spent years and countless man hours perfecting their technology.  If a Cleveland Range appliance needs a replacement part, it only makes sense to use the same parts as the original equipment manufacturer.


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