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IMI Cornelius ice drink dispensers are well known for reliability and durability, making them the preference of many leading beverage brands and top foodservice retailers such as your business. IMI Cornelius has a wide range of dispensers including ice cooled, electric cooled and flavor shot capable dispensers in many footprint sizes.

IMI Cornelius also offers a complete line of frozen uncarbonated and carbonated granita machines, along with a variety of countertop cold coffee/latte dispensers capable of dispensing post-mix/non-dairy or dairy/pre-mix products.

In addition, IMI Cornelius offers cubed, flaked and chunklet ice makers to that are long lasting, reliable, and energy efficiency .

Since IMI Cornelius is a world leader in the restaurant/foodservice market, CPS has made a special effort to carry the service parts that you need for their fine products.  Order or call today with confidence!



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