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IMI Cornelius, Inc. OEM Parts and Manuals

110113000 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS

Gasket Nut Beer 1/2ID x 13/17



164980002 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS



77080301 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS

Fitg A SS 5/16Fl x 1/4Bb



111038007 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS

Dome Control w/Compensator



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630900818 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS



620710142 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS

Gasket Bowl Spout Seal



77510102 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS

C-Plt 08x12 1fl Pr 1/2



961306 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS

FilFilter-Ctg Mhc Evpr



77510601 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS

C-Plt 8x14 3Fl Premix 1/4MFL



161193001 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS

Conn Elec Wire Orange 73b Fs



178052000 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS



164026000 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS

Washer Sl 625 1.0 125 Rubr Std



560004602 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS

Screw Ma M2x.4 PaPh 16 StZi



630900450 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS

Clamp Cable Nylon 1/4 Fs



06030 - IMI Cornelius, Inc.  - CPS

Pin Grov 125d 365lg



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About The Manufacturer: IMI Cornelius, Inc.

Cornelius is the world’s leading supplier of premier beverage dispensing and cooling equipment for the commercial foodservice industry, and a proud partner of CPS. Cornelius beverage machines are well-known for being reliable and durable, which makes them the go-to choice for leading global beverage brands and foodservice operators in the commercial kitchen industry.

Whether you need a drink dispenser, an ice dispenser, a frozen carbonated beverage dispenser, a juice dispenser, a coffee dispenser, an ice maker, or a replacement part or repair part for any type of beverage machine, Cornelius and CPS are the #1 choice in the industry for all your OEM needs.

Cornelius’ company mission is to deliver great beverage dispensing solutions, and they do just that. Their expansive manufacturing portfolio supports carbonated beverages, iced tea and lemonade, cold brew, nitro coffee, and frozen beverages like slushes and margaritas. No delicious meal is complete without an accompanying beverage, and Cornelius makes sure that America stays happy and hydrated. And with more than 80 years of experience in the commercial beverage dispensing industry, Cornelius has extensive industry know-how you can trust. Whether you need a fountain beverage dispenser, a frozen beverage dispenser, a juice beverage dispenser, a cold coffee dispenser, or ice equipment, you can get it all at Cornelius.

Located in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton, Ohio, CPS is proud to carry OEM parts for Cornelius products, including essential parts for cubed, flaked, and chunk ice makers. In the U.S.A., customers take ice very seriously, so we’ll ensure that your food service establishment, restaurant, or bar never goes without the very best. Like Cornelius, CPS is also customer-focused, which means that our fleet of more than 50 vehicles and 56+ CFESA-certified technicians are on call 24/7 to help fix any commercial kitchen equipment challenge that you encounter. Our professional service team has over 400 years of combined experience, so we’re always ready for anything.