Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.

Rational Cooking Systems provides quality foodservice equipment that covers all facets of the foodservice industry, including restaurants, chain accounts, schools, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, correctional facilities, churches, caterers, corporate foodservice, and more.

With a 54% share of the world market, Rational is an industry leader for commercial kitchen ovens. At this high rate of ownership, Rational estimates that over 100 million meals are made every day worldwide with the help of a Rational oven. With sales all over the globe, Rational is a massive commercial oven manufacturer that is trusted by consumers everywhere.

One of the main reasons that Rational is such a popular company is because they lead the field in research and development. They developed and created the combi-steamer which revolutionized commercial kitchens. Rational created a self-cleaning system called the CleanJet that cleans ovens with the push of a button. Rational invented a technology called the Self Cooking Center that completely cooks food to very precise specifications without the need of meddling. Rational’s constant focus on development has given them a clear edge on competition which is why they are chosen for commercial kitchens every day.

Part of being the leader in development is having reliable commercial kitchen replacement parts. Advanced technology does best when it is backed up with the most advanced replacement parts. Rational OEM replacement parts are the preferred choice because they are designed with the same advanced technology of the original Rational oven.

Churches, restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and caterers all rely on Rational OEM parts because they are the only replacement parts trusted by Rational. A Rational oven is built to be in service for years and the best way to ensure that is to use OEM replacement parts. If it meets the high standards of the professionals at Rational, it will meet the standard of any commercial kitchen.

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  1. RAG-20.00.399P image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 20.00.399P
    Door gasket
  2. RAG-3024.0201P image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 3024.0201P
    Halogen bulb 10/pk 300°C
  3. RAG-40.00.274P image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 40.00.274P
    Fan motor with motor shaft gasket
  4. RAG-40.00.451 image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 40.00.451
    Contactor MC1A 310 AH6
  5. RAG-40.00.453P image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 40.00.453P
    Solid state relais
  6. RAG-40.00.606P image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 40.00.606P
    Core temperature probe
  7. RAG-40.01.329 image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 40.01.329
    Dry up protector 183? SCC line, 61-202/E As of 04/2004
  8. RAG-40.01.482 image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 40.01.482
    Safety temperature limiter 365?C SCC, CM 61-202 As of 04/2004
  9. RAG-40.03.513P image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 40.03.513P
    Fan motor with motor shaft gasket
  10. RAG-42.00.002P image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 42.00.002P
    Control pcb
  11. RAG-44.00.207P image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 44.00.207P
    Emptying pump
  12. RAG-44.00.250 image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 44.00.250
    Gasket f. ignition electrode
  13. RAG-50.00.296P image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 50.00.296P
    Clip f. drip collector
  14. RAG-72.00.077 image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 72.00.077
    Insulation f. burner steam gen.
  15. RAG-74.00.230P image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 74.00.230P
    Ignitionelectrode1 f. hot air
  16. RAG-74.00.235 image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 74.00.235
    Ignitionelectrode2 f. hot air SCC line 61-202G As of 04/04
  17. RAG-74.00.869 image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 74.00.869
    Gasket hot air heat exchanger/interior cabinet
  18. RAG-87.00.352 image
    [Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.] 87.00.352
    Pump f. CareControl DPS 35
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