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Waring Commercial produces countertop appliances to make the jobs of food preparers easier, including a range of food processing equipment, commercial toasters, drink mixers, hot plates and panini presses, convection ovens, griddles, juicers, and of course, commercial grade blenders.

Waring Commercial made history by bringing forth the first ever blender to the U.S marketplace. With 75 years of experience in manufacturing and excellence, you can truly trust a company like Waring. Waring Commercial focuses on two key areas of the marketplace. One, Waring Pro, whose mission is to bring top quality products to the consumer such as blenders, waffle makers and juicers. The other area is Waring Commercial which supplies blenders, food processors, deep fryers, waffle makers and convection ovens to other professionals in the food industry.

Waring Commercial's evolution in the electrical kitchen appliance marketplace has been a fantastic story and one of a truly iconic American company. In 1937, Fred Waring, a well known entertainer brought forth something called The Miracle Mixer! This made history as it was the first blender that world had ever seen and soon the company was quickly changed from the name Miracle Mixer to Waring Commercial.

There was a sluggish era in business for related industries as World War II impacted and halted the production of blenders across the nation, but it didn't hold Waring back and soon they came roaring back. Another massive breakthrough came many years later in McConnellsburg, PA. In 1977 the company invested in a 72,000 SQFT warehouse to operate out of.

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    Set Screw /CB6
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    [Waring Products] 027381
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    Upper Silicone Ring /coffee urn
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    Lower Silicone Ring /coffee urn
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    Water Gauge Tube /coffee urn
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    Tap Nut /coffee urn
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    Control Knob /WFG, WPG
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    Bulb /WPM60
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    Toggle Switch /CTS1000
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    Control Panel /CB15V
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    Switch & Bracket /DMC201DCA
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    Cordset /WSB50-WSB70
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    Switch /DMC
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    [Waring Products] 500978
    Seal Assy. /CB6
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    Brush & Spring
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    [Waring Products] 004090
    Foot /CB6
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    [Waring Products] 026493
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    Latch and Bracket /double handle containers
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