Why Do Restaurants Use Green Kitchen Equipment?

Posted December 5, 2012 by CPS

With the combination of the recent recession and a growing social conscious, it seems every industry is looking to “go green.”  This movement is influenced mainly by the environment, the economy, and the culture in which we live and so it has almost become mandatory for companies to embrace a green mentality.  Over time, the benefits of green products and companies have shown themselves in various ways but the benefits are most prevalent in three key areas.

Environment.  Maybe the most obvious result of restaurants going green is the benefit to the environment.  Energy Star partner, Vulcan Hart has gained popularity in recent years for their commitment to energy efficient kitchen equipment.  Their environmentally friendly lines of ovens, fryers, ranges, griddles, and char-broilers do wonders in saving gas and electricity with restaurants all over the country and the world.  Dedication to green commercial kitchen equipment creates a positive atmosphere that starts in the kitchen and expands to every part of a restaurant.

Money.  The first and most obvious benefit of green kitchen equipment is to the environment but what many people don’t realize is that green appliances also help to save restaurants significant amounts of money.  Companies like Pitco have been innovators in clean, green frying for years.  Their fryers have been saving restaurants money on gas bills since 1946.  Energy efficiency means smaller bills across the board which can add up in big ways for any sized restaurant.

Image.  Monetary and environmental benefits are strong enough reasons to consider green commercial kitchen appliances for a restaurant but there is also another strong argument for a green restaurant: image.  When restaurants ignore the green movement, they incidentally display a message that they don’t care or are indifferent to the environment.  Whether or not a restaurant plays an active role in preserving nature, refusing to go green conveys a very specific, negative message.  A healthy environment and smaller bills are great incentives for using green kitchen equipment but a top notch restaurant performs well on all levels.  Keeping a clean image can be just as important as keeping clean kitchen equipment.

Many restaurants have gone green already, taking advantage of smaller bills, a cleaner environment, and a better reputation.  If your commercial kitchen hasn’t fully taken advantage of the green revolution, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.  For information on green kitchen equipment, give us a call.