Maintain Your Cafeteria Kitchens For Back To School Meals

During the summer, school cafeterias finally have the downtime to check in on their kitchen equipment and perform maintenance as needed. No students are around, which makes this period of time lower risk, with minimal work interruptions while technicians are fixing broken units or ordering replacement parts. This means that planning professional preventative maintenance prior to the start of the school year is the smartest decision for quickly resolving issues. When classes resume, students can start the year off successfully with the meals they need.

Cafeterias in educational institutions especially undergo high amounts of wear and tear on their kitchen equipment from producing lunches (and sometimes breakfast as well) each day. In fact, according to the School Nutrition Association, public schools pre-pandemic served roughly 29.6 million lunches per day. And that’s just the lunches!

Think how many families rely on a well-maintained commercial kitchen to make sure their children receive the nutrition and sustenance they need to get them through the day! That’s where CPS comes in. Whether it’s a refrigerator, freezer, oven, or other commercial kitchen appliance, we have the expertise to ensure ALL units in your cafeteria kitchen are operating smoothly and efficiently. For example, what if one of your refrigerators needs a certain part repaired? CPS will assess what OEM kitchen part is needed to get the unit up and running again.

What is OEM? OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, meaning the replacement parts CPS provides are specifically branded, as opposed to generic parts that can be unreliable or incompatible. Our digital catalogue proudly supports over 5 million OEM parts from hundreds of trusted brands where we can quickly and easily get you the part you need for coolers, grills, ovens, freezers, fryers, steamers, ice makers and more. You name it, CPS has it.

Plus, our CFESA-certified technicians can deliver you peace of mind with regular preventative maintenance check-ups. This not only safeguards against unit failure in the future, but it creates lower energy costs, lengthens equipment lifespan, and allows our trained experts to make sure everything is optimized and performing at peak efficiency before school is back in session.

Healthy school meals play an essential role in the academic success and development of students, so it is important for school staff to stay proactive the next few months to accomplish all the necessary maintenance and repairs for their institution’s cafeteria kitchen. And if you’re experiencing a kitchen emergency? No one knows how to troubleshoot commercial kitchen equipment better than CPS.

We’re the top CFESA-certified service agents in Ohio and beyond for the last 50 years! Contact us today to schedule superior parts & maintenance services at whatever time is most convenient for you.