CPS Is Ohio’s Authorized Service Agent To Install, Start-Up & Maintain Perlick Commercial Beer Tap Systems

As of November 2019, CPS is officially the Authorized Service Agent to install, start-up, and maintain all Perlick commercial beer tap systems in Ohio. Although CPS has represented Perlick over the years by installing and maintaining commercial kitchen equipment such as refrigeration products, the opportunity to acquire a commercial beer tap system certification was a monumental development as we continue to discover new and improved ways to serve our clients.

Family owned and operated since 1917 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Perlick is a leading national manufacturer of commercial kitchen, bar, and beverage equipment. For more than half of its 100+ year history, Perlick has created commercial draft beer systems that outperform the competition with a focus on craftsmanship and innovation. Of note, Perlick’s line of commercial kitchen products optimize energy use and increase durability to help bars and restaurants maximize profitability.

Because Perlick’s commercial beer tap systems are engineered for excellence, they don’t allow just anybody to install, start-up, and maintain their machines. To qualify as a trusted third-party Perlick partner, a representative from a company must complete a four-day, on-site training program at Perlick’s national headquarters. The training program covers essential topics like how to run the lines, set the gauges, and even pour a perfect glass of draft beer.

Our Perlick-certified technician travels all over Ohio to train other CPS employees on how to install, start-up, and maintain Perlick commercial beer tap systems. Each installation consists of six key checklist steps, and the project must be signed off on before completion to ensure it’s installed correctly the first time. By doing so, our CPS teams become familiar with the equipment layout and function, and we’re better able to help our clients avoid downtime and costly fixes down the road.

Perlick Commercial Beer Tap Installations

As of May 2020, CPS has completed Perlick commercial beer tap installations for businesses including Aloft Hotel, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Dave & Busters. On average, each Perlick installation takes 2-3 business days, and the process looks similar across the board:

  1. A commercial kitchen, bar, or restaurant orders a Perlick beer tap system from a certified dealer.
  2. Perlick receives the order and sends the client contract and equipment directly to a CPS warehouse and,
  3. CPS completes the installation and start-up, and then provides ongoing maintenance via our Proactive Maintenance Program.”

CPS is the Authorized Service Agent of record for all commercial kitchens and restaurants in Ohio that have a Perlick beer tap system, regardless of whether or not CPS performed the initial installation, or if a beer tap system is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty. By partnering with an end-to-end local company for the installation, start-up, and maintenance of Perlick commercial beer tap systems, bars and restaurants in Ohio can have peace of mind knowing their equipment is always protected by the same trusted partner.

Have a question about our Perlick installation, set-up, or maintenance services? Contact a CPS technician today.