CPS Live Cooking Event

As commercial kitchen equipment options expand, so does the development of new technology. In partnership with Ohio foodservice dealer SESCO, our team organized a Live Cooking Event earlier this month on-site at our CPS Columbus test kitchen, featuring a popular product manufactured by German company, Rational.

SESCO representative Mike Rykaceski successfully demonstrated the capabilities of the iCombi Pro, a multi-purpose oven that optimizes efficiency and productivity in commercial kitchens. Attendees of the event experienced the incredible multitasking abilities of the iCombi Pro as it cooked, grilled, steamed, roasted, and baked various food items in a matter of minutes.

CPS wants our partners to receive access to the latest, most effective equipment, and the combi-steamer has already revolutionized commercial kitchens around the globe. Yet Rational continues to innovate additional ways to improve its product’s performance. Newest high-tech features include:

  • A quick and easy self-cleaning cycle.
  • A pre-programming feature for recurrent menu items.
  • The ability to cook multiple food items at the same time, without supervision.
  • Multi-lingual software with Energy Star certification.

Rational’s constant focus on research and development has given them a clear edge on their competition. And with advanced technology comes the requirement of the most advanced commercial parts, which is why both Rational and SESCO prefer CPS as their trusted choice for OEM replacement parts.

Although the iCombi Pro is recent technology within the U.S. market, many churches, restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and caterers are already making this product a household name. If you need professional maintenance or repairs for your iCombi Pro unit, CPS is the #1 company to call. All of our technicians are CFESA certified, providing the highest level of expertise in the industry to resolve any commercial food equipment issue you may encounter.

At CPS, we’re on standby to fix common operator-errors, make technical repairs on a unit, or deliver the essential OEM parts you need, including all of your Rational combi or any other combi needs. We carry more than 5 million commercial kitchen OEM parts in our 40,000+ square foot warehouse, with flexible shipping options and hassle-free returns.

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