Ask a Technician: How do you convert a piece of equipment from natural gas to propane?

Posted December 13, 2012 by CPS

People use propane and natural gas for the same types of things mainly, though, the two are used to heat houses and kitchen appliances.  As far as efficiency, the two are mostly interchangeable but many commercial kitchens are finding that propane is much easier to come by making it ideal for their restaurants.

A proper conversion of commercial kitchen equipment can be done but only if everything is done right.  This means that the right way to do a natural gas to propane conversion is to have a technician do it for you!

The conversion itself is a tedious process that revolves around changing every part that the gas or propane contacts.  Every tube, every valve, every orifice, they all need to be replaced.  Propane requires a smaller orifice size, a higher water column pressure regulator, and depending on the equipment, a new gas valve.  If all components are not converted, the equipment will never operate properly.

So the very simple answer to the question is you convert a piece of equipment from natural gas to propane by calling a technician first!

converting your commercial kitchen equipment from natural gas to propane