CPS Really Loves Food

Posted February 5, 2013 by CPS

No one loves food more than us.

It’s why we got into this business in the first place; we wanted to make sure our favorite restaurants never shut down.  We figured supplying and servicing OEM parts was the best way to make sure we had to cook our own food as little as possible.  Good idea, right?  We also like the uniforms.  Turns out we look ruggedly handsome in blue.

Back to food.

Bring us your bacon lattés!  Bring us your double quadruple burgers!  Bring us your lobster stuffed with steak and blended with pop!   Hell, we’ll try anything fried.  In fact, double deep fry it, we like it crispy like so many downed leaves underfoot on a brisk, autumnal morn with our doe-eyed love.  We like poetry, too.  Deal with that.

Know what else we like?  Speed.  You know, the defined distance covered in a given unit of time; not the illegal kind.

By adding these two things we love, you get an awesome word problem.


Good gravy!  Have you had fast food lately?!

It’s ridiculous.  It’s hot and delicious and you don’t even have to get out of your whip (that’s a car, bro).

But wait, it gets better.

This year, restaurants are upping their efforts with new menus.  New menus with words like “fresh” and “gourmet.”  Hey, that’s cool with us.  If restaurants make it taste good, make it healthy, and make it for us, we’ll be happy as pigs in a blanket.  Not sure if we nailed that analogy but you get the idea.

One cool part about this is it’s still fast food and, going back to our earlier math lesson, fast food is the best.

So here’s, for us at least, the coolest part.  Remember when we were talking earlier about how we love food so much we started CPS to keep restaurants cooking.  WE STILL GET TO BE A PART OF THAT.  We’re still helping awesome restaurants make awesome food for our awesome mouths (last “awesome” was weird, our fault).

As these restaurants start to make better and fresher and, you know, healthier food, we still get to play a role in that.  How cool is that?  CPS: Helping Fast Food Stay Fast and Still Good For Your Eating When You Want.

Ok, we’ll work on that slogan and get back to you.