We Love Pumpkin Spice Coffee Drinks

Posted October 4, 2013 by CPS

Ah, fall.

Every October is like coming home to a good friend. One who bakes pumpkin and cinnamon flavored things. A friend whose favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, but if anyone asks it’s Christmas. Fall is like having a friend who makes a quilt for you, if you were the Earth and the quilt was made of leaves.

That’s deep, internet. That’s deep.

And who would ever know about the arrival of fall without pumpkin spice flavored coffee drinks? Whether they be name-brand or off-brand?

[We may be legally obligated to differentiate between the two, but we’re not sure. So we’re tip-toeing around this hot soufflé.]

Many people are excited about fall, but not as many who are excited about the coming of generic pumpkin spiced caffeine beverages. They have almost a cult following. I’d bet it isn’t too long before we see the first day of this magical drink commemorated with a mascot, ala Santa Claus. Not that we have any legal rights for naming something, but suggestions include:

Pum’kin’ Joe™
Naughty Spice™
The Autumn Messiah™

Not that we don’t think a giant coffee selling corporation couldn’t do any better, we just thought we’d throw our two cents in. And for your two cents (or more), the rights to the names can be yours. So, you know, let us know.

We’re pretty devoted to this delicious nectar of the over-caffeinated gods. And it wouldn’t be possible to make generic brand pumpkin product bean brew without machines like the Bunn Tiger XL Cool Froth® Espresso Machine. And it is CPS’s holy duty, as handed down by the same jittery gods, to protect and revive these wonderful machines.

We love food, and we really love coffee. So it’s a no-brainer that we fix espresso machines. You should probably get a tech out to do preventative maintenance on your Bunn Tiger XL next summer, too. Because if the coffee dries up, so to the customers.

CPS: The Appointed Fixers of Delicious Pumpkin Spice Latters

If we spell it wrong, that’s okay. Right?