Service for Your Expanding Family of Restaurants

Posted February 17, 2014 by CPS

CPS loves servicing the appliances in families of restaurants and restaurant chains. It’s like visiting an old friend (and there’s food!). When you expand your restaurant into a chain, you can take CPS with you knowing that we’re familiar with the machines across your whole business. We have over 40 CFESA Certified Service Technicians ready to help you out. We pride ourselves in providing the best restaurant cooking equipment support available anywhere in Ohio. We service multiple locations throughout the state, and can ship our inventory of commercial kitchen parts anywhere in the world. You’re awesome at providing great customer service, and we’re awesome at providing great commercial parts and service. We’re also really great at eating.

CPS can definitely help with your restaurant expansion. You can expand your restaurant business knowing that CPS is behind you every step of the way ready to service and repair your commercial kitchen equipment. We love to be wherever there’s food, so we’ll gladly visit your new restaurant locations to check up on your equipment (and maybe grab a bite to eat on the way out).