Stay Efficient with Regular Commercial Kitchen Service

Posted May 16, 2014 by CPS

Energy consumption is one of the few costs business owners have control over every year. Being a green business doesn’t just help you save the environment – it can help you save dollars as well!

Kitchens and restaurants are no exception to the green trend. Many companies are continually looking for ways to save money, and energy reduction is a great place to start. Did you know that reducing your kitchen’s consumption can start with regular commercial kitchen service? You don’t have to replace your appliances to get money-saving advantages. Here are three things a technician can do to make sure your kitchen is working in top shape:

  1. Establish a regular schedule for cleaning equipment
    While this sounds like a very basic task, a cleaning schedule is a good first step to making your kitchen energy-friendly. Carbon and grease buildup on key equipment (like griddles and fryers) can make them work harder, costing more in energy. Regular cleaning can keep your kitchen equipment to run in peak condition.
  2. Check your refrigerator and door seals
    Refrigerators and freezers take a lot of energy to begin with. If the door seals are loose, then your commercial refrigerator or freezer will work harder to keep everything cold. This not only adds more to your power bill, but also causes unnecessary wear and tear. If your refrigerator isn’t latching correctly, or your door isn’t completely sealed, make the service call to CPS today.
  3. Make sure your range hood is working properly
    Is your range hood working properly with the rest of your ventilation systems? Improperly balanced ventilation systems and range hoods can take more energy to keep running. Have your range hood inspected regularly to keep it running in harmony with your kitchen.

Ready to keep your kitchen running at full capacity with regular service? Contact CPS today to start saving money on running your kitchen equipment!