Keep Your Kitchen Out of the Danger Zone

Posted October 15, 2014 by CPS

The goal of every chef is to keep cold-service items under the “Danger Zone.” Once perishable items get above 40 degrees, bacteria starts to grow and multiply – leading the food to be unsafe for service, and ultimately leading them to spoiling. When food goes bad, there’s no way to recover the lost food, or the lost money as a result.

Your commercial refrigerator is the first line of defense against the “Danger Zone.” But, as with any tool, can only keep you within limits if it is running in top condition. Don’t leave yourself susceptible to the Danger Zone – instead, watch for these three critical warning signs. If you see any of these happening in your kitchen, it’s time to schedule a service call.


The Commercial Refrigerator Door Isn’t Sealing Right

When your commercial refrigerator door doesn’t seal right, the most common reason is that the rubber gasket is starting to wear out. When the gasket wears out, the seals don’t keep the cold inside your refrigerator – effectively the same as leaving the door wide open. This can lead to the refrigerator to warm up, and opening your foods up to the “Danger Zone.” Replacing your commercial refrigerator gasket is an easy fix that your CPS technician can complete in one regularly scheduled service call.


The Commercial Refrigerator Door Isn’t Closing Right

Just like with the gasket, if the refrigerator door doesn’t close right, you could be breaking the seal on your refrigerator. If your refrigerator doesn’t seal correctly, internal temperatures can rise in a hurry – losing you money in increased energy costs and lost food items. When this happens, it’s possible that either your door hinges are getting loose, or wearing out entirely. If you notice this happening to your refrigerator, talk to your CPS technician at their next stop. With a little know-how, this is a completely preventable fix that can keep your food safe to serve.


My Commercial Refrigerator Won’t Turn On or Off 

When your commercial refrigerator won’t turn on or off, it’s a sure sign that your commercial refrigerator thermostat is starting to expire. This could hurt your business in two different ways. If your refrigerator won’t kick on, then you run the risk of losing perishable food to the “Danger Zone.” If your commercial refrigerator won’t turn off, then you’re expending useless energy. If you notice one of these two events happening regularly, call your CPS technician today, to have a replacement thermostat installed.


No matter what ails your commercial refrigerator, the technicians of CPS can have you fixed and running with one service call. Contact us today to get started, and get all your commercial refrigerator concerns answered.