What To Do When Your Oven Shuts Down

Posted April 13, 2015 by CPS

You’re right in the middle of a busy lunch rush when it happens: Your stove turns off. This is not only bad for your customers who just placed their orders, it also means you may have a broken oven on your hands for days. So what should you do in the case of an unresponsive, oven maintenance emergency?


Call CPS For Immediate Emergency Service

CPS is around to help with their 24/7 emergency commercial kitchen and restaurant repair services. CPS will provide you friendly and knowledgeable staff, ready to assist in an oven maintenance, check-up, oven repair, or potentially ordering the parts you need to help keep your kitchen running smoothly.


Try To Identify The Issue

If possible, do a quick check of your oven to identify the possible issue before calling CPS tech. This will give your technician a better idea of what to look for when they arrive for inspection. For example, which part of your oven has shut down? Is your baking element refusing to turn on, but your broiler works just fine? Does your oven shut down, but your stovetop burners work like a charm? Did you hear any loud noises before your stove stopped working? Any information you can give CPS will be helpful. Be sure only to check your stove if it is safe.


Keep Yourself Safe

Make sure there is no gas or harmful substances. If you do smell any gasses or odours that seem out of the ordinary, be sure to open door and windows and remove yourself from the contaminated area. Do not turn on any light switches, operate cellphones, or use any open flame in the suspected area. Be sure to call your local gas company, or 911 for further instructions. If you do suspect a gas leak, remember that along with a smell, gas leaks will also make a hissing sound.

At CPS we service the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus Ohio regions and are happy to help you with any issues you might be having with your stove. Call your CPS tech 24/7 on their emergency line and get dinner back on the table.