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Ready For Inspections? CPS Service Techs Can Help

Your kitchen is your world; it’s where you work and where you play. For some this it’s where you eat, drink, check e-mails, snack, relax, and bond with friends and family over amazing food, while for others it’s how you make a living. Did you know that a commercial kitchen inspection should be carried out at least once a year? It’s true – for businesses, a regular kitchen inspection will help keep your work area right where it needs to be.


What Will Be Inspected?

There are several facets that make up a healthy and clean kitchen area. Kitchen maintenance inspectors will look at the following during their visit:

– Equipment

– Food preparation areas

– Food storage areas

– Hand washing facilities

– Waste disposal

Whether you are choosing to inspect a restaurant or home kitchen, much can be learned from your CPS inspection or maintenance call. For example, did you know that by leaving fruits or vegetables out at room temperature after they’ve been cut you run the risk of bacteria growth? Learn more about your commercial kitchen from a CPS commercial kitchen maintenance check.


Call Us For 24/7 Kitchen Repairs And Parts

With 24/7 kitchen repairs available you can call CPS anytime for an on the spot kitchen emergency from a friendly and professional staff who know exactly what to look for to keep your kitchen safe, clean, and serviced. CPS staff will also be able to help you with any parts or orders you may need for your commercial kitchen repair as a result of your inspection. With thousands of parts in our inventory, we are prepared to do same-day turnaround service and 24/7 emergency services.

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