How To Prevent Freezer Burn From Contaminating Fresh Produce This Summer

Posted July 21, 2015 by CPS

Busy restaurants are bustling with crowds, eager to taste the fresh summer produce on hand. Summertime means dining out, and dining fresh. Is your kitchen and your customers reaping the benefits of fantastic tasting summer produce? If so, you’ve likely already learned that sometimes this abundance of fresh food can be overwhelming, making freezing your fruits and vegetables an effective way to salvage your produce – but what about freezer burn?


Freezer burn occurs when air reaches the frozen product and sucks out all of its moisture. This causes a white film of ice to cover over the produce. While freezer burn is not a health or safety risk, it can make your once succulent vegetables taste less than appealing after cooking. Rather than letting your local fresh produce go to waste, why not take these 3 easy steps towards freezing your fresh produce without any freezer burn.


• Keep your freezer temperature consistent. Food does better when it’s kept at a consistent temperature, whereas fluctuations in temperature may result in freezer burn. Keep an eye on the temperature inside your freezer and avoid any unnecessary door opening, or sticking hot foods directly into a cold freezer.


• Properly pack your foods. When preparing an item for freezing, make sure it is packed and wrapped as tightly as possible. Poor packaging is the number one cause of freezer burn. It is highly recommended to seal your produce in specially made freezer bags, tight-sealed plastic containers, and sealable glass containers. You may also opt to wrap your foods in aluminum foil to create a thicker barrier before sealing your produce in a container.


• Mark down the dates. Before freezing your produce, write down on the container or bag which day your item was stored. The longer an item is left in the freezer the higher the risk of developing freezer burn, or losing its fresh taste. Keep your freezer up to par.


Your food is only as good as the freezer storing it. When you freezer fails, CPS is ready to receive your emergency call! CPS offers commercial kitchen repairs, maintenance, and parts. Call us today at: 800.837.8327.